Heritage Trails

bristol-harbour-heritage-trailThe extent of Bristol’s Floating Harbour – nearly eight miles of water across three miles of the city – makes for a tremendously varied landscape. This booklet describes several trails that walkers and cyclists can follow alongside all of these waterways. We encourage you to explore for yourselves the byways and mysteries that this unique feature of Bristol offers.

Harbour Heritage Trails

Download the full booklet as a PDF (8.5mb)

The trails were devised and written by Museum of Bristol Project staff as part of Floating Harbour 200, a celebration of the bicentenary of the Harbour in 2009. Contact andy.king@bristol.gov.uk to suggest improvements or additions.


The historic images all come from the collections held by Bristol Museums Galleries & Archives. They are a tiny selection from over 3000 images of the Harbour. These can be seen by appointment only at the moment but will be available online in the future.

The modern photographs were produced by Chris Bahn and the booklet was designed by Naomi Winter, both of Bristol City Council.

For further information about the history of the Harbour see the book Bristol’s Floating Harbour: The First 200 Years by Peter Malpass and Andy King (Redcliffe Press 2009).

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