Images are visual representations of people and places. This includes photographs, paintings, cartoons, drawings, and postcards and so on.

Images are a valuable resource for the study of a location or event from the past. They enable us to build up a picture of all aspects of life including social, economic, industrial and rural life. They can bring to life historical events and help us to understand the past and the changes that have occurred. Photographs in particular often depict the ordinary and provide a useful glimpse into everyday life in the past.

The images of the Floating Harbour cover 200 years of its history. Earlier images show a busy working harbour and the people who worked there. In contrast later images clearly show the great changes that have occurred since the harbour closed in the 1970s.

Please note these images of historical documents are made available for non-commercial use in schools or for personal research. Reproduction fees are payable for publication in any form. Please contact the Museum Service at for further details.

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