Harbour Nature Trail

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Bristol is famous for its swans, but here is your chance to discover the amazing story behind Bristol’s raucous gulls, see a city centre starling spectacular, spot a cormorant and uncover exotic plants brought in through Bristol’s historic seafaring trade.

If you have your sea legs, why not take a ferry, use the information in the trail and see what you can spot from the water.

beggarticksBEGGARTICKS! We can’t promise where you will see this unusual bushy plant with its bright orange flower. It’s an annual and so moves around from year to year, flowering in later summer. Look on any floating pontoon, or bit of rough ground – it’s about a metre high. It is a native of North and South America and was brought into the docks over 100 years ago – it has hung on ever since!

Duck Decipher

A wander round the docks may leave you scratching your head at some strange looking ducks. Below are a few of the local characters. Keep watch too for the colourful mix of domestic ducks that have made the docks their home.

In very cold winters, when local reservoirs freeze, greatcrested grebe, pochard, tufted duck and ruddy duck may also appear (we recommend you use a bird guide for these).

The trail shows you some of the best spots to see wildlife. But wildlife moves around – so keep watch as you go to increase your chances of seeing more. But remember, not everything will be visible all year round.

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