Harbour Trails

It is possible to create trails of varying lengths and durations on almost any subject around the Harbour. We’ve tried to include a few that are conventional and some that are less so.

trails-smallHeritage Trails

As part of Floating Harbour 200, a celebration of the bicentenary of the Harbour in 2009) several harbour Heritage Trails were devised and written by Museum of Bristol Project staff.

jessop-plan-smallJessop’s Plan

We have reproduced the map proposing Jessop’s
Plan for The Floating Harbour with key points of interest.

Additional Trails

We also encourage you to create your own and upload them to websites such as Local Journeys for others to try.

As well as those that we’ve given, why not consider a Crossings trail looking at different methods of getting across the Harbour? There are over 40 bridges still functioning and at least six redundant ferry crossings available for you to explore.

Interactive map

Did you know?