Activity Idea: Investigating a Census Return

62 Catherine Mead Street, Bedminster, Bristol

1901 Census Return for 62 Catherine Mead Street, Bedminster

Name Status in household Age Occupation Birth place
Occupying 2 rooms at this address
Alfred J Rowles Head of household 61 Dock labourer (grain porter), Bristol
Harriet A Rowles Wife 53 Tailoress (trouser hand), Pembrokeshire
Eva R Rowles Daughter 18 Presser at clothing factory Bristol
Occupying 3 rooms at this address
Alfred J Rowles Head of household 31 Dock labourer (grain porter), Bristol
Florence R Rowles Wife 30 Manufacturing clothier’s trouser hand, works at home, Bristol
Alfred Rowles Son 10 Bristol
James Rowles Son 8 Bristol
Bertie Rowles Son 6 Bristol
Henry Rowles Son 4 Bristol
Florence Rowles Daughter 1 Bristol

Description of resource:

census-smallThe census return for those resident at 62 Catherine Mead Street, Bedminster, Bristol on a specific night in 1901. There were two families totalling ten people living at this address occupying five rooms. Their ages are given and range from 1 to 61. They all have the surname Rowles so are probably related. The census also gives their status in the family, where they were born and their current occupation where relevant.

Note: this is not a reproduction of the actual census return for this address. Census returns are subject to copyright and we cannot reproduce them on this site however you will be able to access them via the links given or by visiting the library.

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Techniques and questions for investigating this Census Return

  • Discuss what information a census return can tell us about people and their lives in the past. What does the return tell us about the Rowles family?
  • Discuss what information it does not provide. What kind of information would you like to find out, how and where could it be found?
  • Using a historical OS map of the area identify the location of the Rowles family home. What information can you find out about Catherine Mead Street and the surrounding area at this time?
  • Using the Bristol Trade Directory and the OS map find out where the Rowles family may have shopped and what other places (e.g. pubs, public baths, school, chapel or church) they may have used around East Street and Bedminster Parade, Bedminster. What does this information tell you about people lives in Bedminster at the beginning of the 20th century?
  • Using an earlier map and census return make comparisons. How has the information it contains changed? How does this help with finding out how the area has changed? What other sources of information might be useful for this investigation?
  • Try and arrange a walk around the area and identify some of the places you have researched. How has the area changed since 1901?

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